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Hotel Dumbrava Bacau

General Information

Name of the beneficiary: 

Identification data:
Str. Spiru Haret, Nr.8, 

Name of the project: 
“Modernizing and building a supplementary floor within Dumbrava Hotel, Bacau”

This project is financed through REGIO – Regional Operational Programme, Priority Axe 5: Sustainable development and tourism promotion.
Total value of funding: 8.088.696,34 RON
Eligible costs: 6.091.138,34 RON
Starting date: 18.03.2010 
Ending date: 18.06.2012 
Project implementing  period: 27 months 
The place of implementing the project: Dumbrava Roşie, No. 2, Bacau 
Contact person: Ec. Florin BALAN, Manager


County: Bacau


Total value: 8.088.696,34 RON

POR value: 3.593.771,62 RON

General objective:
- developing and capitalizing tourism  in order to increase the economic competitiveness, decrease inter-regional disparities and support sustainable development in North-East Region.

Specific objective:
- modernizing and expanding the accommodation infrastructure and additional utilities of Dumbrava Hotel, from Bacau county, in order to diversify the touristic services provided and the number of tourists.   

1.    Executing the documentation for funding and other supplementary activities;
2.    Organizing the Implementing Team;
3.    Technical assistance during the implementation of the project;
4.    Execution of construction works;
5.    Selecting the building site manager;
6.    Acquiring the necessary equipment and other facilities;
7.    Recruiting the necessary personnel for executing the investment;
8.    Execution of the promotion of the project and implementing the Marketing strategy;
9.    Monitoring, evaluating and auditing the project.

1.    Modernized hotel - 96 accommodation;
2.    Finalized recreational area;
3.    3 elevators, out of which 2 for clients and 1 for employees;
4.    Special facilities for disabled people;
5.    1 fitness room;
6.    1 sauna;
7.    2 conference rooms;
8.    Controlling system for room access and a video surveillance system;
9.    1 restaurant with climate maintenance;
10.    2 new bathrooms for general use;
11.    Finalized thermo insulation;
12.    1 water reservoir of 4000l;
13.    29 new jobs.

Direct beneficiaries:
- 12230  tourists per year;
- 29 new temporary employees;
- 13 new permanent employees;
- SC Agroindustriala SA.

Indirect beneficiaries:
-6128 SMEs from Bacau county, by increasing the employment opportunities on a local level;
- Bacau inhabitants;
- Romanian and foreign investors;
- The Mayorship of Bacau. |

Investim in viitorul tau!
Proiect selectat in cadrul Regio - Programului Operational Regional si cofinantat de Uniunea Europeana
prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regionala. Continutul acestui material nu reprezinta in mod necesar pozitia oficiala a Uniunii Europene.

Pentru informatii detaliate despre celelalte programe cofinantate de Uniunea Europeana, va invitam sa vizitati