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Hotel Dumbrava Bacau


Business tourism and, especially, event tourism represent niches of the tourism market with specific technical requirements. Choosing a destination by a business tourist and creating the image of the destination by the provider of services are two dimensions of the supply-demand economic space, but also of the decisional space involved. The main characteristics of both dimensions are client satisfaction and service quality. “Dumbrava” Hotel intends, through this project, to raise the quality of the services provided, shift intended to project a constant level of customers, but also an increase of new clients. The style of the way in which the service will be performed by “Dumbrava” Hotel will develop an integrated, advantageous and elegant individuality, mainly because the client’s needs will be addressed proactively, in order to meet their vision – addressed especially through the technical upgrades of the hotel.

In the “Events” menu you may read the latest information regarding the events organized within the project financed through ERDF, but also about activities organized by the middle-management of the hotel, dedicated especially to business tourists. |

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Proiect selectat in cadrul Regio - Programului Operational Regional si cofinantat de Uniunea Europeana
prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regionala. Continutul acestui material nu reprezinta in mod necesar pozitia oficiala a Uniunii Europene.

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