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Hotel Dumbrava Bacau


Tourism is a global phenomenon which shapes itself at a local level, with reverberations at regional, national and European level. The touristic potential is and identifiable dimension due to the parameters of time and space evolution. Tourism segmentation and, implicitly, tourism potential begins with the fundamental act of identifying the customer’s necessities, mainly the customer’s motivation.

Within business tourism, customer motivation, from the point of view of analyzing the competitiveness of the supplier of accommodation services, positions the client within the technical and operational space of advantage identifying. Event tourism maps the business tourist motivation through marketing and organizational topography.  

Both market niches focus on four essential characteristics of competitive advantages, through three axes: cognitive, affective and behaviorist.
Dumbrava Hotel strategy envisages the business tourist typology, within these three axes. Accomplishing the strategy is envisioned as a dual process, mainly: an implementation stage, lasting for 27 months and a post-implementation stage, during which this strategy will be inter-twined with other projects and strategies carried out at a local and regional level.


Within all rooms (73 already existing and 23 which will be built on the fourth floor), within the restaurant and at the basement there will be installed until the end of July 2011 the following: smoke detectors, card access systems and TVCI (closed circuit television, 8 cameras, 1 colour monitor and 8 power sources) in the reception area.


The restaurant, which includes a dining hall, with a 214 m2 surface; the private room, with a 25 m2 surface; the wardrobe, with a 24 m2 and bathrooms, with a 9 m2 has been modernized, in order to provide a unique style of the services provided. Thus, the boarded floor has been shaped out of marble, the carpentry within the bathrooms has been replaced, a sound system has been installed in the restaurant and in the private room. In order to maintain the high level of quality, a climate maintenance system was also installed.

The modernizing activities started on the 2nd of June 2010 and were finalized in August 2010.

Conference room

Conference room 1, situated at the ground floor of the hotel, with a 72 m2 surface, underwent the following changes: the ceiling has been replaced with a ceiling with bays and the following technical adjustments have been made - a sound system has been installed, together with a projector, a projecting screen, DVD video, laptop socket, microphone, audio-video cables and a ceiling kit. 

The modernizing activity began in June 2010 and ended in July 2010.

Conference room “New York”, situated at the fourth floor of the hotel, with a 96 m2 surface and a minimum capacity of 50 places, was designed with the following facilities: a sound system together with a projector, a projecting screen, DVD video, laptop socket, microphone, audio-video cables and a ceiling kit. In order for handling catering requests, a special room has been built, with a 6 m2 surface.

The conference room was finished and launched in february 2012.

Sauna and fitness room

In order the develop the facilities and the services provided to the tourist, at the basement of the hotel a fitness room and a sauna have been designed, together with a massage room, two bathrooms with showers and two locker rooms.

The fitness room will be equipped with hich-tech utilities and the floor will be covered with a special elastic board. The sauna will present a 3 person capacity. Both the fitness room and the sauna will present audio systems, and in the fitness room there will also be a TV installed.

The modernizing activity began on the 15th of June 2010 and was finalized in March 2011. |

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